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Rebecca Smondrowski

For Montgomery County

Collaboration - Education - Unity


 Board of Education, District Two


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   Hi! I’m Rebecca Smondroski, candidate for District 2 Board of Education. I am the proud mother of a son who graduated from the bridge program at Gaithersburg High School and is now serving in the military and a daughter who graduated from Quince Orchard High School and is now studying at the University of Mississippi. Since the time our children began their elementary school years in MCPS, I have been actively involved in the school system. In addition to being a mother, I am a community member, and at heart, a woman who believes in fighting for equity in opportunities and in resources for all students. My experience serving in school and county PTA leadership roles highlighted to me that there were too few options and too many obstacles for our students to access the appropriate programs that would best allow each to succeed. 

   The most important thing to me is that EVERY student receives a positive school experience... and that means different things for different children. It’s not just about getting A’s & B’s. It’s about feeling valued, engaged and connected with your school. It’s about feeling safe, understood and included. It means having the guidance and encouragement to reach your fullest potential, and the access and opportunities to take the pathways needed to get you where you want to go. I have dedicated myself to fighting for that... This greater vision for what Education should be. It is our job on the School Board to be a voice for the students, staff and community. I have been that and will continue to do what is needed so that each of our students can be assured that their hope for the future will be realized. To best serve each student, we need to continue hiring the highest quality teachers and retain our stellar staff by providing school environments where everyone feels safe and valued. If re-elected I will continue to fight for equitable opportunities, individualized pathways, expanding early childhood access, and using data to make informed decisions about the needs for each child. These are the ideals that I will continue to strive for as your district 2 representative on the BoE.

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"Rebecca is an inspiring and collaborative leader who brings people together. Her voice on matters of education and her ability to find creative solutions enhances the quality of life for everyone in Montgomery County. She will work tirelessly for YOU."

-Ike Leggett

Authority: Friends of Rebecca Smondrowski; Treasurer: Catherine Valente

July 4, 2020

MCPS wants to provide mental health services to combat impact of COVID-19

"'I think that funding for mental health is more critical now than it’s ever been,” school board member Rebecca Smondrowski said in an interview on Thursday. “We know cases of depression, domestic violence, food insecurity and financial instability have risen greatly during this time, and we need to be doing absolutely everything we can to ensure we have what we need to support our students, staff and families.”'

August 7, 2020

Montgomery County school board votes on virtual learning, cancellation of sports season


"Board member Rebecca Smondrowski wondered, if paid programming for children could be offered in the school system’s buildings, why small class instruction could not be offered for students.

'I’m becoming extremely concerned about the incredible division between the haves and the have-nots that’s being created,' Smondrowski said."

July 14, 2020

42% of MCPS parents say they would send children to in-person classes

"During the discussion about Montgomery County Public Schools’ plan for fall classes, school board member Rebecca Smondrowski pitched a new idea — focusing exclusively on in-person elementary school classes, using school buildings throughout the district.

Her idea, which other board members did not seem to support, would have had elementary school students participating in full-time in-person classes while middle and high school students learned remotely.

Classes would be streamed live, so families who did not feel comfortable sending their young children to school could participate in real time, Smondrowski said. Staff members would have been called upon to help roll out the plan, including part-time and service workers, she said.

High school libraries, cafeterias, media centers and auditoriums could be used to provide before- and after-school programs, she said."

August 7, 2020

Virtual Ceremonies for Churchill, Whitman Graduations


"Students officially received diplomas from Rebecca Smondrowski, Montgomery County Board of Education member.

As each graduate’s name was announced, their picture was shown on the screen along with a message from one of the Churchill staff members who had worked with them, adding a very personal note to the ceremony."

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